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Miss Ruby

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The Estate Sale Queen


We offer everything from Estate Sales to Downsizing Sales.  Depending on your needs we will work to help you and your family do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth sale. In many of our sales that we do in homes that are for sale, we have helped the Realtors by providing leads to them of interested parties. We do everything so you can sit back and breathe easier. 

We also do inventory for court proceedings or legal needs

Assistance in moving loved ones into new homes, setting up, unpacking and decorating. Setting up an elderly persons home is something many families don't realize the time this takes and what needs they will have. Having this done for a loved one is a great gift.

After sale total clean out, handling of a cleaning crew to get the house make ready for realtor showings

We can also refer Realtors and contractors if things need to be fixed to make the house ready for sale.

All of our services are available outside of our Estate sale services. Our goal is to make this process easy for the families.

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